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A Traveler's Guide to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin,
exploring places to stay and go, things to see and do.

The Traveler includes food and lodging, recreation and attractions, northern adventures, shopping, real estate, lighthouses, shipwrecks, antiques and collectibles, fine arts and crafts, and our marvelous lakes, rivers, streams and forests.

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"Up North"

There's a lot of talk about "Up North".

It's the place everyone wants to go to escape the pressures and frantic pace of life. But where is "Up North" ? For it is not so much a location as a state of mind. So how do you know when you've arrived "Up North" ?

When you feel the cares of the world slip away. When you begin to breathe a little easier because the air seems purer. When you notice the sky is blue and the pines are taller and the people smile a lot more.

It's then that you know you're "Up North".

Come and enjoy our beautiful land.

All of our northern roads are "wildlife crossings". Deer are the number 1 cause of car accidents. Please slow down, especially at dawn and dusk, when our animals are all looking for food or going home to bed. Thank You.

Explore the Beautiful Northwoods With Us.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Northern Wisconsin

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Alger Falls: Mary Deloria
Scarlet Tanager: Jim Martin |
Seul Choix Lighthouse: Char Simons
Sunset: David Martin
Winter: Halee

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