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Copper Harbor, Michigan 

 Welcome to Copper Harbor, the Jewel of the Copper Country

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The village of Copper Harbor, Michigan's northernmost community, offers the visitor an opportunity to visit a truly unique Upper Peninsula community.

The discovery of huge pure copper deposits in 1843 produced the need for a government land office. In 1844, the first contingent of U.S. Army troops arrived to begin construction of Fort Wilkins to maintain law and order in the settlement of mineral prospectors.

Some of the early miners stayed on to settle the area and became the ancestors of many of the current townfolk and shop owners.

The port of Copper Harbor became one of the main shipping points for copper going out and supplies coming in. The original Copper Harbor Lighthouse was built in 1849, the present one in 1867. Much of what was built then is still there for you to see today.

Today, the range of activities and the number of businesses catering to the visitor has brought the community to it's largest population since the earliest days of the Copper Boom. This is truly a town designed for the visitor.

Copper Harbor is the gateway to Isle Royale. This unique island National Park is an archipelago of wilderness in beautiful Lake Superior. No vehicular travel ensures peace for the residents, like moose and wolves, and for the visitor, who can escape to this special place and explore by foot or boat. There are many campgrounds available and a Lodge managed by the National Forest Service. Take a boat to different parts of the island. Ferry service is available from Copper Harbor.

In the summer see Fort Wilkins, visit the remains of the Clark Mine and the ghost town of Mandan, take the boat to Isle Royale, enjoy the Estivant Pines.

Thrill to a scenic sunset cruise on Lake Superior, go deep sea fishing or scuba dive the Keweenaw Underwater Preserve.

The Copper Harbor area is perfect for photography and bird watching. Take a drive up Brockway Mountain. On a clear day you can see Isle Royale, 56 miles away, from the top of Brockway Mountain (735 feet above Lake level, and 1337 feet above sea level).

Have a marvelous meal of fresh Lake Trout or Whitefish at one of our outstanding restaurants.

In any season, enjoy the beauties and recreational opportunities of Copper Harbor and Lake Superior.

Copper Harbor Welcomes You !


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