Ski Jumping at the Pine Mountain Ski Jump
Iron Mountain, Michigan.

FIS Continental Cup Ski Jumping
February 20 & 21, 2016
Friday, February 19th Training Day

Every year in mid February, ski jumpers from all over the world gather at Pine Mountain to challenge the hill and try to break the record.

Jumpers from 12 countries including the USA, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Poland, France, Norway, Bulgaria, and Italy are scheduled to attend according to a press release.

Pine Mountain Slide is known throughout the world as one of the better jumping hills. Every year in February, Pine Mountain and the Kiwanis Ski Club host jumpers from around the world at the best tournament in the United States. Year after year, the top foreign jumpers are competing. All classes of records have been set on Pine Mountain, including the international record of 459 feet. Yearly attendance nears 20,000 ski jumping fans. Bring your grill, this is the best tailgate party to be found in the month of February! Refreshments also available on the grounds.

Schedule of Events, weather permitting
Friday, Official Training at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm

Saturday: Continental Cup Jumping
11:00 am Trial Round
12.15 pm Opening Ceremonies
1:00 pm Competition One (two rounds of jumping)
11:00 am Trial Round
1:00 pm Competition Two (two rounds of jumping)
Times are subject to change depending on the weather

The heated Exposition Building at the base of the ski jump will have a large variety of food and beverages

How Does Pine Mountain Ski Jump Measure Up?

The Pine Mountain ski slide is one of the highest artificial Ski Jumps in the world.
Scaffold Height, 176 feet
Scaffold Length, 380 feet
Length of Underhill (end of take off to outrun), 632 feet
Length of Underhill (end of scaffold to end of outrun), l032 feet
Critical point (K-point) of landing hill, 394 feet
Pitch of Landing Hill, 39 degrees
Estimated speed of skiers at takeoff, 55 mph

Admission with a Ski Jumping Booster Button

Admission Buttons are Required starting Friday for official training jumps. Buttons available at several local businesses. Phone 906-774-2002 or 800-236-2447 for information

Ski Jumping is one of the most spectacular sports to watch as these brave and talented individuals leap off a 10 story scaffold, fly through the air with style and poise and land in a 3-4 block outrun still standing up on their skis.


The Current Hill Record was set at the Continental Cup Competition in 2009 by Stefan Thurnbichler of Austria with a jump of 471 feet.

Bring Your Cameras!

Call 906-774-2002 or 800-236-2447 for more information or to buy Booster Buttons by Mail

Ski jumping at Pine Mountain through the eyes of first graders.

Pine Mountain Hill Records


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