Camping and Rustic Cabins

in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park

Union Bay Campground
Union Bay Campground
A modern campground at Union Bay has 100 sites on the shores of Lake Superior. Hot showers, flush toilets, electricity, and a sanitation station. Sites have a fire ring, picnic table, and electric hook-ups.
Located 16 miles west of Ontonagon at the eastern entrance to the park.

The Presque Isle Unit is located near the mouth of the Presque Isle River at the western side of the park and has 50 sites on a bluff overlooking Lake Superior. The Presque Isle is a rustic campground with no electricity, showers, or sewers. Water is available from two hand pumps. Located 25 miles west of the Visitor Center on South Boundary Road or 16 miles north of Wakefield, MI. Please book this campground 2 days or more in advance.

Union Bay Campground and the Presque Isle Unit have a 15 day maximum stay. Dogs are permitted on a 6' leash and must be under your control at all times.

For Reservations, Call the Park at 906-885-5275 or 1-800-44-PARKS.

Trailside camping is permitted, but not within 1 mile of any cabin, shelter, scenic area or road. Some campsites have tent pads, fire rings and rustic toilets.

The Porcupine Wilderness State Park adjoins the Ottawa National Forest. There is an abundance of campgrounds throughout the area. ( Map )

Rustic Cabins

The fall of 1946 saw the completion of the Mirror Lake 8-bunk cabin. This simple log building marked the beginning of one of the best-loved programs of the Porcupine Mountains. (Map)

A mile or more from the nearest road, no running water, no electricity. and a wood stove for heat. The park's rustic cabin program is just the ticket for folks looking to slip away from the concerns of the workaday world.

Families and friends gather to experience the joy in simple deeds; a crackling fire in the stove, a hot meal in the outdoors, the cabin swept and the dishes done.

Some folks hike from cabin to cabin, completing a loop or a "thru-hike" on the trail system. Others settle in for a couple of nights at their favorite spot.

Today, the park's 16 rustic cabins are available from April through November.

Three are open year-round, including the winter season. Most sleep 4, but two 6 and 8 person cabins are also available. Each comes equipped with a table and chairs, bunks, plates, cups, bowls, pots, pans, and utensils.

If you have young children, rent close. Seven cabins are located within a mile of a trailhead. Pack light, carry all that you require in a backpack. Bring candles or a small lantern. A portable backpack stove will assist in preparing meals.

Facilities: Each cabin requires a 1 to 4 mile hike (one way) from the parking area. In addition to standard furnishings, cookware and tableware are provided at each cabin. Cabins located on Mirror Lake, Lily Pond, and Lake of the Clouds are provided with boats, boat cushions and oars.


Water: Each cabin is equipped with an information board which locates the nearest source of water; no hand pumps are provided at the cabins. Unless carried in with you, all drinking water should be boiled 5 minutes, filtered through a 0.5 micron filter or chemically treated.

Wood: All wood must be taken from dead and down trees and branches. In addition to the wood heating stoves, a designated fire circle" is provided near each cabin.

Trails: Foot trails to the cabins are rugged. You may find hill climbing and stream crossings, along with some blown down trees. Trails are marked, but night time travel is not recommended. The average person, with a backpack, will travel about one mile an hour

Equipment: Some items of equipment often forgotten and "wished for": toilet tissue, candles (for light), pillows, insect repellent (and head-net in spring), dish soap and towels, hand towels, and a flashlight. Plan your menu and equipment carefully - the better prepared you are, the more comfortable you will be.

Bears: Normally bears are afraid of you and will leave in a hurry. If you see a bear near the trail, move away from it or turn back - DO NOT CONFRONT OR FEED ANY BEAR!

To Reserve a Cabin

Contact Park Headquarters weekdays between 8 AM and 4:30 PM Eastern at (906) 885-5275. Do this early, some cabins are reserved up to a year ahead.

For Reservations and Information about
Please Write:
PHONE: (906) 885-5275
FAX: (906) 885-5798
TDD: (906) 885-5278
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