Moose in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Yes, There are moose living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is difficult to know when or where they will appear but there are three places where visitors to the Upper Peninsula just might catch a moose grazing in a field or taking a drink by the water as it roams through the woodlands.

The Michigan DNR reports that that the majority of the of the moose population lives in the area near Van Riper State Park (35 miles west of Marquette),  with some residing on Isle Royale, and a group living in the Eastern Upper Peninsula near Tahquamenon Falls and the Seney National Wildlife Refuge. There are visitor centers at these parks where you can pick up a free moose-viewing guide to help you locate the moose in these areas. Early morning and evening are some of the best times for moose watching.

This moose is in front of the Eagle View Vaction Home locted in Three Lakes, Michigan in the west central Upper Peninsula by Highway M-28/US-41, so you never know where you might see one of these majestic animals.

Chris Gillman, owner of the Bear Paw Inn took the photos on this page in June, 2015.

In the north central Upper Peninsula, moose can sometimes be seen around Van Riper State Park, the Tracy Creek Road, the Peshekee Grade Road, and the area around Ishpeming, Republic, Champion, Michigamme, and Three Lakes. If you see a group of cars by the side of the road, they might have spotted a moose but use caution and do not approach as these are very large unpredictable animals.

Moose were reintroduced to the Upper Peninsula in the mid 1985 when 59 moose from the Allgonquin Provincial Park in Ontario Canada were captured and transported by air and released in an area north of Van Riper State Park and the town of Champion. Moose are native to the Upper Peninsula but at that time, there were almost no moose left roaming through the forests.

The latest DNR survey reported that there are about 325 moose residing in the Western Upper Peninsula so there is a possibility that you might see one as it meanders through the wilderness.


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Photos: Chris Gillman, Bear Paw Inn
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