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Off Roading in the
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Ride your ORV through the wilderness of the Lake
Superior State Forest. You are Welcome Here.

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Get on your ATV, motorcycle, dirt bike or dune buggy and head into the woods.

If you love to ride on your ORV then the Newberry area is the place for you. You will find a network of trails through the Lake Superior State Forest wilderness that will provide many hours of unsurpassed riding. Most of the forest north of 4 mile corner (4 miles from Newberry) is open to off roading. State Forest Roads are open to off road traffic unless posted closed. Almost all of the many seasonal roads throughout the county are also open to you. Six DNR maintained trails surround the Newberry area. Stop at the DNR Office in Newberry at the junction of M-28 & M-123 (behind the Comfort Inn) for trail permits, maps and local "Rules of the Road" before you head out into the forest.

Luce County has 300,000 acres of public access land and much of this is open to you. You can go camping at the state forest campgrounds or at the special ORV campground at Holland Lake. You can fish the many lakes you go by, ride out to the Two-hearted River near Lake Superior, take a 2 hour to full day canoe trip, camp or ride back when you are done. Ride out to the Crisp Point Lighthouse on Lake Superior, walk the beach, search for agates, camp, fish, go canoeing on the way back, or just get on your ORV and head out through the forest. There are many old roads just waiting for exploration. Seasonal roads are everywhere north of Newberry or you can jump on the 86 mile Two Heart-Pine Ridge DNR Trail near Lake Superior.

The 6 DNR Trails offer ample parking at the trailheads, information stations and restrooms, with the exception of Silver Creek where the work has not yet been completed. You need an ORV permit from the DNR to ride within the state forest. (Map of ORV trail locations)

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#1 Danaher Plains (29 miles) ATVs and Motorcycles

#2 Pine Ridge (49 miles) ATVs and Motorcycles

#3 Two Heart (36 miles) ATVs and Motorcycles (Part of this trail is closed)

#4 Silver Creek (34 miles) 2.8 miles from the railroad tracks in Newberry. Motorcycles only

#5 Sandtown Trail (36 miles) Motorcycles only

#6 Newberry - Brevort - Trout Lake - Naubinway. Trailhead Parking and facilities are at the end of CR -403 South at the Canada Lake Pathway(117 miles) Access from M-28. Motorcycles only

The trails are well maintained throughout the system. Watch for the bright orange markers (5" X 5" X 5" triangle signs on bright orange) placed to keep you safely on the trail.

The trails include all types of terrain. Some will go through open areas, dense forests, hills and straight-aways. You can go for a short ride or take a much longer week-end ride.

If you are traveling the seasonal roads, bring a compass, this is the wilderness.

For more information, stop at the DNR office in Newberry, directly behind the Comfort Inn or call (906) 293-5131. Pick up maps for the 6 individual DNR trails here. At the DNR website, you can read the DNR State Regulations online and view individual trail maps.

Please ride gently on our land, help protect our environment and care for our wildlife.

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