Map showing the DNR Trails for ORVs in the Newberry, MI (Luce County) Area of the Upper Peninsula


Trail 1 - Danaher Plains (29 Miles)

Trail 2 - Pine Ridge (49 Miles) connects to Two Heart Trail

Trail 3 - Two Heart (36 Miles)

Trail 4 - Silver Creek (34 Miles) no trailhead facilities

Trail 5 - Sandtown (36 Miles) Trailhead at Canada Lake Pathway at Newberry. Sandtown Trail connects to Newberry/Trout Lake Trail

Trail 6. Newberry/Brevort/Trout Lake (117 Miles)

Maps for each individual trail are available at the DNR Office directly behind the Comfort Inn or call (906) 293-5131.

Off Roading in the Newberry Area


Recreation in the Newberry Area, Luce County Michigan

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