The Keweenaw Water Trail

From Keweenaw Bay near Baraga to the North Entry near McLain State Park. There are 4 water trails in the Keweenaw Waterway.

Trail 1: South Entry on Keweenaw Bay to Chassel (8 miles) This is a river segment with a dredged channel. The surrounding land is a mix of wetlands and developed uplands. There are several rivers and streams entering this segment. There is some opportunity to explore small bays and rivers.

Trail 2: Chassel to Houghton/Hancock (11 miles) This is a lake segment. Portage Lake is about two miles wide and four miles long, but only about 40 feet deep. There are no good sheltered spots on this body of water. The waterway arm that extends west to Houghton and Hancock is narrower and has some shelter. One begins to see the remains of the copper mining and smelting industry here.

Trail 3: Houghton/Hancock to Lake Linden (18 miles) through Portage Lake, Torch Bay and Torch Lake. The Torch Bay arm of Portage Lake narrows gradually into a dredged river. Once past the "cuts," the trail enters Torch Lake. This is a deep lake (120') with many remains of the copper smelting industry and some bays worth exploring.

Trail 4: Houghton/Hancock to Lake Superior North Entry (10 miles) The two northern most miles form a formal ship canal; its walls consist of vertical steel revetments which can create reflective waves. Two harbors exist here: Lily Pond, located near the south end of the canal, and a preferred harbor by McLain State Park, inside the Lake Superior breakwall.

keweenaw waterway and peninsula map

About the Water Trail
Welcome to the Keweenaw Water Trail. Along the trail you'll experience the history, scenic beauty, and fresh water of Lake Superior. The water trail is a clearly marked, safe, easily traversed pathway located on the water rather than on land. Water trail sites are accessible by any small water craft (including kayaks and canoes). Please note that the map is extremely simplified and should not be used for navigation. Boaters are advised to obtain the Keweenaw Waterway Navigational Chart (Chart #14972). You may contact the Keweenaw Water Trail Association to purchase a more detailed map.

Keweenaw Water Trail Association
c/o Keweenaw Tourism Council
56638 Calumet Avenue
Calumet, MI 49913
906-377-4579 or 1-800-338-7982


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