Maps of the Tahquamenon and Two-Hearted Rivers

The mighty and beautiful Tahquamenon River has something for everyone. Eleven species of fish can be found in its waters. These waters have been planted with Brook and Brown Trout, Walleyes, and Muskies. Famed in the legends of the Chippewa and Hiawatha's Gitche Gummee, the angler can test his skill along the river's entire course. For the canoeist, there is water to test the expert and satisfy the novice.

Two Hearted River system is made up of the main stream and five major tributaries-The South, West, North and East Branches and Dawson Creek. The South Branch is the best Brook Trout water and one of the finest in the state. Trout reproduce naturally and have also been stocked in areas of heavy fishing pressure. The West Branch sustains itself and most fishing is done with live bait. The mainstream of the Big Two Hearted River from the mouth of the Dawson to the mouth of the East Branch can be fished from the bank, waded or is canoeable. This stream also contains Brook and Rainbow Trout.

And thus sailed my Hiawatha
Down the rushing Taquamenaw,
Sailed through all its bends and windings,
Sailed through all its deeps and shallows,
While his friend, the strong man, Kwasind,
Swam the deeps, the shallows waded.

Up and down the river went they,
In and out among its islands,
Cleared its bed of root and sand-bar,
Dragged the dead trees from its channel,
Made its passage safe and certain,
Made a pathway for the people,
From its springs among the mountains,
To the waters of Pauwating,
To the bay of Taquamenaw.

Song of Hiawatha, W.W. Longfellow
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