Manitowish Waters – The Archetypal ‘Up North’ Destination

One of the many beautiful areas with which northern Wisconsin is blessed is that of Manitowish Waters. A chain of spectacular lakes lends the name to the town, which is itself noted as a haven for artists, poets, and those who like t o be surrounded with the kind of effusive beauty which the area possesses in abundance. There is plenty here for the visitor to occupy themselves with as well, both in the town and on the waters. Indeed, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who coul dn’t get some enjoyment out of all that is on offer at Manitowish Waters!

Beauty And Nature
Wisconsin is, of course, famed for its scenery, and many a road-tripper has driven through the state purely for the sake of the abundant natural beauty. Mani towish Waters arguably exemplifies all that is best about the natural world of Wisconsin. The chain of sometimes mirror-smooth lakes, the verdant forests, the spectacular sunrises over the shining waters, the rustic surroundings – it’s all a perfec t example of the kind of thing people expect from northern Wisconsin. One can glide silently over the lakes in a canoe, or simply wander through the woods and along the shoreline, drinking in the scenery. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of one of Wisconsin’s rare white deer – a herd of which are known to live in the area around Boulder Junction but which have recently been spotted near Man itowish Waters. The ten lakes which form the Manitowish Chain are stocked to bursting with a wide variety of fish, which in turn draw a plentiful supply of predators which feed upon them. Those who want to see the best that Wisconsin has to offer in the wa y of wildlife need look no further, and there are plenty of dedicated wildlife tours and self-guiding leaflets which will help the animal/bird lover to make the most of their stay. However, even if you don’t spot a rare and beautiful creature, the am azing scenery alone should prove enough to sate the appetites of even the hardest-to-please Nature lover.

 Water Sports
Of course, once you’ve taken your fill of the stunning scenery then there is no shortage of more high-octane things to do. Indeed, plenty of adrenaline junkies flock to Manitowish Waters for things like jet-skiing and wakeboarding. One such e ven made the international papers  for wakeboarding through a flooded cranberry field! Assuming that you're skilled enough and have taken the right precautions, you too can exercise your adventure muscles on the Manitowish Chain of la kes. If you’re of a more sedate turn of mind, you can glide across the waters in a canoe or a kayak, enjoying the serenity of the lakes and perhaps spotting fish and waterfowl. There is also some fantastic fishing to be had in the lake-chain – Manitowish Waters is known as ‘The Home of the Tiger Musky’ (tiger muskellunge), and renowned for the size and profusion of muskies which live in this area. It’s not hard, either, to find some great beaches from which to swim in the deep er of the lakes. All in all, if you like to enjoy yourself upon the water, then Manitowish Waters is definitely for you!

The Town
The town of Manitowish Waters is small, but perfectly accustomed to dealing with the demands of tourists each year. If you’re a lover of art and culture then you will find plenty to amuse you, as Manitowish Waters has long been a major haunt of some of the best artists in Wisconsin. There are often   art exhibitions and events going on w hich will please the culture vulture! The town also boasts a wide range of restaurants, bars, and eateries offering a variety of food styles, from staple American cuisine to excellent Cajun food and recipes from overseas. The cranberries for which the area is famous within foodie circles often feature heavily within the more local dishes, and they’re well worth sampling! The local water-ski team, the Manitowish Skiing Skeeters, also put on a show every now and again which is always greeted with acclai m, and more than worth seeing if you’re lucky enough to be in the area when they’re performing! The town of Manitowish Waters is also, crucially, as friendly and welcoming as you’d expect from a northern Wisconsin town, and will make you feel happy and comfortable whatever your preferences!

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