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Exploring the North: The Upper Peninsula Traveler and Northern Wisconsin Traveler is an internet advertising company located in Iron Mountain Michigan. We have been in business since 1996 and are well situated in the search engines. Exploring the North is dedicated to promoting businesses and tourism in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin.

Our web site, www.exploringthenorth.com, features a wide variety of lodgings and businesses in the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin. Our site covers towns and cities, lodgings, restaurants, shopping, winter sports, guided tours, equipment rentals, plus much more. We have also added scenic attractions, recreational opportunities, national and state forests, campgrounds, state parks, and a local weather report and forecast.

We provide an easy-to-read ad containing pertinent information about your business that will give your potential customers quick access to you and your business. Ads include the appropriate text for your business and a selection of photographs. All the ads are individually hand registered with major search engines.

Deer at City Park
Iron Mountain, Michigan

If you want advertising that brings results into your business, check us out!
We are an internet advertising team with experience, a proven track record,
and great love for the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin.

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