Grand Marais Fall Mountain Biking Family Festival

Friday & Saturday, September 11-12, 1998

Sponsored By Lake Superior Brewing Company


Hill Climbing Challenge

This challenging one mile course starts just south of H58 on the Old Seney Road located 2.8 miles east of Grand Marais.

Individual bikes will be launched at regular intervals from the starting line. Riders will have a short flat section to gather momentum before selecting the best gears to ride through the soft sand next to the beaver pond. Once past the meadow, entrants will face the challenge of a seemingly never-ending hill that passes through a magnificent hardwood forest. The course curves uphill to the left before it eases up for the sprint to the finish, that is if you have any legs left.

There will be prizes for the best three times in different groups that will be formed the day of the event based on age and level of experience.

Steeplechase Challenge

This innovative event starts to the left of the locally famous Meteor Rock. Bikes will be launched individually on a structured course that will guide you on single tracks that wind through the trees, over moguls and hills, around barriers, through water obstacles, and back to the Meteor Rock.

There will be prizes for the best three times in several different groups. The groups will be formed the day of the event based on age and level of expenence.

Endurance Fun Rides

To introduce you to the Grand Marais Mountain Bike Trait System, there will be three Fun-Ride Endurance Runs on Saturday:

Beginner Route -- Easy to navigate 5k (3 mile) route.
Moderate Route - A 10K (6.2 mile) route developed for the intermediate rider.
Difficult Route - A 20K (12.4) mile single track trail that will challenge even the best of riders.

Maps will be available the day of the event. Along each of the routes, there will be checkpoints with water available.

Kids Events

There will be kids events scheduled on Friday evening held in downtown Grand Marais. Events will include a mini hill-climbing challenge and individually timed bike sprints against the clock. Although all entrants will receive a prize, there will be special prizes for those who place the fastest times in their group. Groups will be formed on the day of the event based on age, strength, and experience.

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Proceeds go to the
Grand Marais Mountain Bike Development Committee
PO Box 310
Grand Marais, Ml 49839


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