Face in the Rock

Scenic Site on Lake Superior
by the Roadside Park

AuTrain, MI


The "Face in the Rock" is a carving in the sandstone rock along the shores of Lake Superior near AuTrain, Munising, and Grand Island in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

This carving was left by a French voyager in 1820 as a tribute to "Powers of the Air, the only survivor of the peaceful Chippewa band of Indians who lived on Grand Island in the 19th century but were persuaded to battle the Sioux Tribe in a bloody battle fought in Minnesota.

Replica of the "Face in the Rock"

The "Face in the Rock", though weathered by time and the winds and waters of Lake Superior, can be viewed by taking the path from the east side of the H. J. Rathfoot Roadside Park on Lake Superior in AuTrain, just 10 miles west of Munising on Highway M-28.

H. J. Rathfoot Roadside Park
Au Train, MI

A wooden walkway leads to the sand where you can walk along the beach to see this carving in the sandstone. Several plaques along the way narrate the story of "Powers of the Air" the only Chippewa Indian who survived the tragic battle.

Grand Island lies offshore from Munising, MI and is now a part of the Hiawatha National Forest and is preserved for all to enjoy. The ferry takes you to the island where you can enjoy the hiking and biking trails, camping, or the bus ride around the island.

While you are visiting the Face in the Rock and enjoying your walk along the sandy Lake Superior Beach, look across to the south side of the Highway where you will see Scott Falls as it gently drops down from the rocks.

The story of the carving and of the Grand Island Chippewa Indians is told by local author Loren R. Graham in his book, "A Face in the Rock, The Tale of a Grand Island Chippewa". Loren Graham is a historian and author of numerous books.


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Information obtained from historic markers at the rest area in AuTrain, Michigan

Photos by Char & Mary Deloria