How to Use Humor Effectively in Your Essays

Humor has the magical power to bring people together and add light to even the darkest of days. In fact, that's why we love stand-ups and sitcoms so much: they help us take reality less seriously. Of course, being funny is a real skill, especially in writing. There are many rules to remember. Most importantly, humor must be appropriate and not offensive.

Luckily, you can certainly incorporate it into your essays, using some common humor writing techniques that we’ve compiled. And if you still need someone to write my research paper for me, just turn to the essay writing service for valuable guidance. Specialists know exactly how to implement your ideas and they will save you a lot of time and effort. With an experienced essay writer by your side, your academic performance will quickly improve.

Learn From The Professionals

You’ve probably noticed that every comedian has their own style. The same goes for writers. Whether it's Terry Pratchett, Jerome K Jerome or Neil Gaiman, their signature approach is unmistakable.

For instance, satire, irony and exaggeration expose many of the shady sides of our society. Take George Orwell's “Animal Farm” (1945): perhaps you will appreciate such an approach. As for Jane Austen, she used a lot of situational humor in her novels. For example, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet constantly fight throughout the “Pride and Prejudice” novel. Meanwhile, Oscar Wilde relied on witty and satirical comments in almost all his works.

Also, note that humor is usually in a short form and it is the precision that makes all the difference.

Watch some great comedians, movies or TV shows and take notes. Write down scenes or jokes that you find funny and think about why they are so memorable. Learning how others use humor will teach you the nuances of doing it yourself.

Free Your Mind

A good joke usually comes to us easily and naturally. This is why many authors recommend freewriting. So you can break down the barriers of your inner censor and gain access to the ideas that are buried deep inside your mind.

By the way, studies have found a close connection between a good sense of humor, emotional intelligence and abstract thinking. So just remember your best jokes and try to use your individual strengths. Here is a small list of techniques that you can try:

Use the Rule of Three

You definitely saw this approach in the British TV series. It involves establishing a pattern with two traditional ideas and adding a third that is super incompatible. For example: “Can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea? A bit of respect?” Of course, you can easily consult with the author from the essay writing service regarding humor techniques. The professionals who work for the best assignment writing services know exactly what your paper needs. Therefore, more and more learners decide to pay for essay to make it truly brilliant.

Use Real Life Situations

What makes a really good humor essay stand out is that it is based on real life. Try telling the story to people you know to see if it's really funny. Context plays a big role - it is better to describe it so that the reader understands what the key point is.

Take notes on your phone or notepad while you're out and about when something makes you laugh. You might overhear a conversation that you think is hilarious. Brilliant essay material is everywhere if you keep your ears and eyes open.

Surprise The Reader

Is a certain part of the essay too serious and gloomy? Break the expectations you set by putting the funniest expressions at the end of the sentence. Humor often relieves tension and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Also, use contrasts. Are your characters in trouble? Lighten up the situation then. For example, if a monster is chasing your character, let the latter start looking for the keys they forgot at home. Such a trick is often used in Hollywood comedies.

Don’t Try Too Hard

Don't try to make your reader laugh. The key is to make yourself laugh. Write what you think is funny: this ensures that you stay true to yourself and present authentic content. It is also important not to go too far. Knowing when to stop and how to end a joke is the best way to make it unique.

Key Takeaways

While humor is extremely subjective, there are steps you can take as a writer to make your jokes natural and generic. Be sure to pay attention to other literary works and sources of humor and don't don't go too far, especially if topics are sensitive. Surely, practice makes perfect. So, try some creative writing exercises to experiment with different types of humor and find your own unforgettable style.

Author - Nicole Hardy