From Ramen Noodles to Networking:
How College Students Can Make the Most of Their Time

No doubt, our life seems to be rebooted once we enter college. An absolutely new stage of freedom, independence and amazing opportunities begins!

Do you want to improve your leadership skills and develop acting talents? Sign up for courses and classes. Can't wait to put your theoretical skills into practice? Head to the career office and ask consults to help you with finding an internship. Want to build valuable connections? Believe us, at the university you will have a million chances to do this. And below, we study how you can make the most of your time.

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1. Never Eat Alone

It's hard to make contacts and fill your life with cool events while sitting at home. So choose places where interesting people can appear: coffee shops near the campus, art galleries, business conferences, etc. Let people influence the development of your character. People of different ages, social circles and interests shape your personality, and that is why college years are so valuable.

In the modern world, cooperation is more important than competition. All mutually beneficial bonds must be built on trust. Who knows, maybe the girl whom you drink a latte with will become your business partner, and the guy from the library will advise you where to get an internship.

2. Upgrade Your Small Talk Skills

Every person you know, from family members to postman, is a door to a whole new world. You don't have to buy entrance tickets to conferences and events to change your life completely. It is better to start small, for example, to communicate with everyone who surrounds you.

A librarian can help you find rare editions of books, and a dorm neighbor will suggest you go to an art therapy session. You never know how things will turn out next. Therefore, consider contacting each person as an opportunity to learn new things.

3. Remember About Emotional Intelligence

Let's agree, sometimes it is difficult for us to understand our own emotions, not to mention the feelings of others. However, if we want to succeed in school and work, we need to learn how to read people's minds to choose an approach to them. In addition, that's how you will surround yourself with those who fill you with energy.

Perhaps the easiest way to explore emotional intelligence is to study books on it. Take a book to the nearest park or download it in audio format and go for a run. You will definitely have someone to discuss it with later.

4. Share Valuable Information

We spend a lot of time on idle chatter, especially gossip. And this is one of the worst time killers. Therefore, monitor what you say - this way you will save a lot of energy and will offer others something useful.

In fact, quality is more important than quantity. This is the golden rule of successful networking. It is better to have meaningful conversations in small companies than to gossip in large societies. Evaluate the quality of your communications, focus on people who are important to you, and offer them amazing ideas.

5. Be Kind To Yourself

The voice of the inner critic requires us to have perfect time management skills and complete all tasks from the to-do list. But in the end, we are people, not multifunctional robots. Working 24/7 only leads to burnout and anxiety. As a result, you may face sleep problems and irritability. In this state, you will definitely not be able to be inspired by what surrounds you. So don't be so hard on yourself and always try to find time for quality rest. Choose what works best for you, whether it's yoga, meditation or journaling.

6. Focus On Your Strengths

Focusing on what you are good at is a secret that many underestimate. But basically, psychologists and coaches recommend spending 20% of the time improving your weaknesses, and 80% on developing your strengths.

For example, you forget the names of people, but clearly remember the stories they tell. Concentrate on it and show people that you truly care. "By the way, how is your dog? Did you manage to take it to your parent's house as you planned?" That's how you can show your support.

By the way, attention to detail is a valuable skill in many professions, so think about where to use it best.

7. Go On A Workation

Being an interesting person means more than just being a good interlocutor. Interesting people talk easily on topics such as travel, other cultures and art, plus they have more in-depth knowledge in certain areas. They share information that most people don't know. This is what sets them apart from the rest.

How to expand your horizons? The answer is simple - travel. If you study and work online, it will be easy for you to organize a workation. In fact, half of your day will be devoted to classes, and the second - to exploring a new city.

To Wrap It Up

Contacts and connections are key factors to succeed in the modern world. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a fashion designer assistant, or a museum guide, you'll definitely need some networking skills. This is the ability to communicate with a variety of people, which is also a real art.

University years are the best period to realize your ambitions and help someone else do the same. Of course, creating an extensive network of connections is not the only thing that is required for success. But if you build your career with the support of friends and acquaintances, then this is an indisputable advantage!