5 Hiking Spots in Northern Wisconsin and Essential Hiking Tips

Northern Wisconsin offers some of the Midwestern US's most pristine and scenic hiking trails. The region is teeming with untouched forests, crystal-clear lakes, and quaint towns to relax in. Want to visit but don’t know where to go? Here are five prime spots in Northern Wisconsin to whet any hiker’s appetite for adventure!
  1. Bearskin Trail

  2. Bearskin Trail is a 21-mile-long path that used to be a train track connecting Minocqua and Harshaw. While long, its lack of elevation and granite surface make Bearskin Trail ideal for budding hikers. Other than the stunning Bearskin Creek it's named for, the trail is famous for trestle bridges and frequent wildlife sightings.
  3. Doughboys Nature Trail, Copper Falls State Park
  4. Our next recommendation blends an easy hike with the breathtaking vistas of Copper Falls State Park.

    Doughboys Nature Trail is 1.7 miles long, sticking close to the Bad River's bank. It affords breathtaking views of the park's eponymous falls as well as the Tyler Forks cascades. The trail is accessible and flanked by mature cedar, pine, and hemlock trees untouched by logging.
  5. WinMan Trails, Winchester
  6. Not sure if you're up for hiking, running, or mountain biking? Then try it all! That's the idea behind WinMan Trails, a non-profit park driven by dedicated volunteers and donations. The hiking and running trail is six miles long and easy to navigate, with some hills thrown in for a slight running challenge. Come winter, you can traverse most paths WinMan offers on skis or snowshoes.
  7. Hidden Lake Trail, Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest
  8. Perfect for intermediate hikers and campers.

    The Hidden Lake Trail is a scenic looping trail with little foot traffic and lots to take in. It's around 15 miles long and affords breathtaking views of age-old forests, streams, and lakes. Butternut Lake and the birdlife that calls it home are the main attractions, but there are countless other nooks to explore. You can hang your hiking boots up for the night at two designated camping grounds or venture off the beaten path for even more peace and quiet.
  9. Harrison Hills Segment, Ice Age Trail
  10. Finally, here’s a route to test the seasoned hiker.

    Harrison Hills is a 4.4-mile segment of the 1200-mile Age Trail Prepare for a picturesque route whose winding, rollercoaster-like paths and a 260-foot elevation difference will test your endurance! Along the way, you'll scale Lookout Mountain, IAT's highest point. The segment is beautiful year-round but comes into its own in the fall.

Getting the Most Out of Your Hike

Found your next hiking destination among our favorites? Don't forget these vital hiking tips, either! Lastly, don't cheap out on your gear. Sturdy boots, a tough and roomy backpack, and moisture-wicking clothes minimize the chance of accidents while leaving you better equipped and more comfortable. Extend that mindset to your digital safety and privacy as well, and choose a trustworthy VPN provider to enhance them. Check out Reddit’s VPN comparison table to find the most suitable provider for yourself.


We hope you’re all set for your next nature adventure in Northern Wisconsin! Pick a spot, remember to pack everything you need, and soak up some nature. Happy trails!

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