4 Scenic Places to Visit in the Upper Peninsula for Students

Michigan's Upper Peninsula offers endless opportunities for students wanting to take a road trip and explore. You will see scenic landscapes, dense forests, lake beaches and many quaint little towns. Some of the best places to visit in Upper Peninsula Michigan include the Keweenaw Peninsula and Porcupine Mountains State Park.


Keweenaw Peninsula

Keweenaw Peninsula juts out into Lake Superior. This peninsula is where copper mining first took place in the U.S. Along the M-26 is the beautiful brick Eagle Harbor Lighthouse with its red roof that was built in 1871 and still operates today. The Jampot, a bakery run by monks, is also on the M-26, and there is always a queue waiting for its delicious baked goods. You will see plenty of signs for pasties in the area too. This is a portable lunch introduced by Cornish copper miners that you must try.

Houghton is one of the gateway towns to the peninsula and home to Michigan Tech. A brewpub in the area you should visit as a student has the tongue-in-cheek name "The Library." Another gateway town is Hancock, and Hungarian Falls is one of the scenic spots quite close to the town where you can take some awesome photos. Copper Harbor, at the tip of the peninsula, has beaches, mountains to ski and bike on, and much more. Just outside the town is Fort Wilkins State Park.

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The Porcupine Mountains

In the far western Upper Peninsula is the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. It gives you the chance to hike, fish, bike, ski, snowshoe, and more. Picturesque waterfalls, winding rivers and forests make this a magical place. The park is large, so you need to spend about three days visiting Presque Isle, Summit Peak, and Lake of the Clouds.

In the west of the park is the Presque Isle River, with its spectacular waterfalls as it makes its way down to Lake Superior. The Summit Peak trail goes to one of the highest points in Michigan, where you can see panoramic views. The hike to the top and back down to Mirror Lake is about five miles. Lake of the Clouds lies in a valley and going on the Big Carp River Trail, or Escarpment Trail will give you amazing sights of the lake.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Pictured Rocks gives you the chance to explore beaches, hike trails, view sandstone cliffs and experience woodlands. This stretch of coast offers some of the greatest adventures in the state. Grand Island is famous for its backcountry camping. Explore the pebble-stoned beaches, visit the winter ice caves, and you may even come across a black bear or two. The eastern side of the island has high cliffs and long beaches. You can go on a 20-mile bike ride around the whole island.

Hiking the Chapel Rock and Mosquito Beach Loop trail of 11 miles takes you to some beautiful landmarks. From the top of the cliffs, you can see the clear waters and boats far below you. The trail isn't that difficult, and you will experience the beauty of Michigan in a whole new way.

Sault Ste. Marie

The Northeast Upper Peninsula provides fantastic opportunities to explore. Sault Ste. Marie is an old French settlement situated at the rapids of the St. Mary's River. It's just across the river from Michigan. Tahquamenon Falls Park is about an hour's drive from the town. The area's shoreline provides some of the most pristine waters to swim in and rocky beaches to explore. Watch a sunset at the Point Iroquois Lighthouse and hopefully see a freighter as it enters Lake Superior through the locks. Downtown Sault Ste. Marie is filled with pubs and eateries that will delight foodies.


Everyone needs to escape for a while and enjoy exploring new areas. Going to the Upper Peninsula gives you the chance to push the reset button. You can explore, have adventures, and relax as you take in the spectacular sights and natural wonders.

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