Welcome to the U.P. Veterans Memorial atop Pine Mountain
at Iron Mountain Michigan.

Veterans Memorial in Iron Mountain MI

The Upper Peninsula Veterans Memorial is dedicated to pay tribute to the members of the armed services and to their memory.

A tribute to those that served from the jungles of Vietnam to frigid Korea, from the battlefields of WW I and WW II, Europe and Japan to the Islands of the South Pacific, sands of the Middle East, and to all who have answered the call to arms, the call to defend our freedom and way of life.

The Upper Peninsula Veterans Memorial represents all 15 counties of the U.P. as well as recognizing in granite the eras of Vietnam, Lebanon-Granada, the Gulf Wars, Korea and WW I &WW II. At the base of each granite marker are pavers containing the names of those whose memory is honored and shared by others. These pavers are available for sale to honor your loved ones. Space has been allocated at the U. P. Veterans Memorial to honor our service men and women engaged in the war in the Middle East.

The idea of this memorial began with a simple observation "there is no flag atop Pine Mountain" and from there the rest is, as they say, "history." The members of Uren Cooper Johnson Post 50 of the American Legion got the ball rolling led by Dennis Larson.

The dedication of the memorial took place on July 1, 2006 with an address by Maj. General Patrick Brady, a veteran of the Vietnam war and a recipient of the Medal of Honor. Comments were made by Joe Stevens, Chairman of the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners and a Vietnam veteran as well as Senator Carl Levin. U.S. Senator Bart Stupak made a presentation of an American flag that had flow over the U.S. Capital to Dennis Larson, 1st vice commander of Squadron 50 of the Sons of the American Legion.

Upper Peninsula Veterans Memorial atop Pine Mountain

A highlight of the dedication was a fly in of a Vietnam era Huey helicopter and the raising of the 30 by 60-foot garrison flag over the U.P. Veterans Memorial by the 46th National Guard Co.

Due to its size and weight, it requires 24 people to raise the garrison flag. The garrison flag will be flown on Veterans Day, July 4, Memorial Day, and Flag Day.

 The 20 by 30-Foot flag will be flown on all other days. The festivities were concluded later that evening by the Groove Hogs band of Appleton, WI and a fire works display at the top of Pine Mountain and Millie Hill.

At the base of the 80' flag pole which flies "Old Glory" and the POW/ MIA flag 24/7 is a time capsule dedicated by Detachment 1239 of the Iron Mountain Marine Corps League. The time capsule is scheduled to be opened on July 1, 2106. It contains more than 800 DD214's of the veterans of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan assuring that their memory and sacrifice will never be forgotten.

It took 13 months of planning and effort by Squadron 50 of the Sons of the American Legion of Iron Mountain, Michigan to get this phase of the project completed. The committee gratefully acknowledges the support and expertise of Breitung Township, Champion Inc., Coleman Engineering, Currant Electric, Jon's Signs, Dennis & Quintin Olson, Skipper Construction, Norway Granite & Marble, Sorney Crane Service, The Dickinson County Commissioners, and the work of the many volunteers who made this memorial possible.

Come to the U.P. Veterans Memorial, bring your family and friends. You will find it to be a place to rest, reflect, and reminisce upon the past - to remember comrades at arms, past, present, and future - a place to heal and find closure, a place to say welcome home, thank you for a job well done. The ultimate tribute to their lasting sacrifice.

 A place to inspire future generations and define what one means by

"For love of Country."
"You will never be forgotten."

Commemorative items available for purchase

A professionally produced DVD of the dedication by Nirtolife Films entitled "U.P. Veterans Memorial" is available for $10.00.
T-shirts: $15.00.

Vietnam Era Pins for $5.00

These items can be ordered by calling 906- 779-5513 or e-mail sallars5@up.net

Memorial Brick Pavers are available for $65.00. The paver will contain your loved ones' name, rank and dates of service and will be placed at the foot of the monument. To order Brick Pavers, please phone: (906) 774-0142 or click here for our order form that you can print and mail in with your check or money order to purchase a paver.

Donations for the perpetual care of the Upper Peninsula Veterans Memorial will be gratefully accepted. The UP Veterans Memorial is a tax exempt, not for profit 501 C3 Corporation. All contributions are tax deductible.

Donations may be mailed to:
Dennis Larson
609 Kennedy Road
Iron Mountain, MI 49801
Phone: 906-779-5513

Click Here for Photos: Raising of the Flag

 Click Here for a map showing the directions to the U. P. Veterans Memorial

For additional information e-mail: sallars5@up.net

Photographs courtesy of Dennis Larson, Sheldon Minsky, and Tim Wilkinson

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