A First Signed and Limited Edition Titled:

"The Mystical Midnight Thunderbird"



The lightning of a midnight storm has sculptured a Great Bird in the night sky over a beautiful bay on Northern Lake Michigan.

It was claimed this mystical bird was the connecting link between the Indian People and the Great Spirit.

The Thunderbird for the Indian people was the great protector, and showed himself upon their landscape, their waters, and their great natural cathedral.

The Thunderbird was claimed as the great winged power, riding upon the clouds, whose voice is thunder, and a glance of his eye is lightning, making the axis joining heaven and earth.

Jim captured these Thunderbird images in July l995 during a devastating storm, and after much study he now believes it is documentation to Indian religious ideals of truth.

Jim's work perfectly represents the phrase "The honesty of Nature comes only from the Wild", they are paintings by Nature, Mother Earth and Father Sky, and cannot be improved upon.

His Gallery features many years of his Upper Peninsula images of Wildlife and Scenics, specializing in rainbows, one of which he shows us, because both of ends of this rainbow are spread over this "Thunderbird Bay".

A limited edition, the Thunderbird has become the epitome of all his work, and now Jim wonders, "How do I surpass such an awesome gift of wonder?"



The Midnight Thunderbird symbolized by the Midnight Lightning over a beautiful Lake Michigan Bay.

He is a great sacred legend in his own rite
He is many but they are only one.
He is the Great One Eyed Bird Who Rides on the Clouds of the Storm
Whose Voice is Thunder and a Glance of his Eye is Lightning.
He is the Great Winged Power From the Place Where the Sun Goes Down.






"The Midnight Blessing". Photograph taken split seconds later shows the same force of downward power. The Thunderbird is landing.


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