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A Ghostly Road Tour of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Startled From their Graves: Ghosts of Michigan

Michigan ghosts appear throughout the U.P. as their spirits fill the books. We have been told not to believe in ghosts, yet we must accept what our eyes have seen and our ears have heard, after eliminating all other possible explanations.

A Ghostly Road Tour of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Jan takes readers on a tour of some of the strange happenings in towns and cities of the Upper Peninsula. The book is a collection of over 30 ghost stories told to author, Jan Langley, by residents of the Upper Peninsula.

Visit haunted lighthouses, haunted houses, and haunted theaters. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula ghosts walk through hotel rooms and highways, restaurants, and cabins. These are real places with some open to the public and others a well kept secret. The road tour can be taken from the comfort of your easy chair, or you can travel part or all of the circle tour in the comfort of your car. Stop at one or two of our ghostly locations, but be careful where you eat or spend the night.

One trip takes you to Seul Choix Pointe Lighthouse where many feel the ghost of lighthouse keeper, Captain Joseph Willy Townshend, is still tending the light. The next time you visit the Upper Peninsula, who knows what you might experience as you visit the Seul Choix Lighthouse or walk through the cemetery at AuTrain.

The following locations are destinations for our Ghostly Road Tour.

St. Ignace
Les Cheneaux Islands
Sault Ste. Marie
Whitefish Point
Brown's Addition
Grand Island

Highway M-28
Silver City/White Pine
Iron Mountain

Bark River
Stonington Peninsula
Seul Choix Point Lighthouse
Gould City
Cut River Bridge

Enjoy these short ghost stories of haunted places, unusual happenings, orbs, sightings specters of the past, spooky houses, and strange auras that Jan has discovered while living in Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

A Ghostly Road Tour of Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Price: $10.95 + $2.85 shipping and handling

Startled From Their Graves:
Ghosts of Michigan’s Thumb and the Upper Peninsula

This collection of ghost stories takes you on an interesting adventure from the eastern shoreline of Lake Huron along Highway M-25. Visit the ghostly spirits gliding around in the towns of Forester, Port Sanilac, Harbor Beach Bay Port, Port Hope, plus other locations. These tales are the result of interviews and investigations told to author Jan Langley by relatives and friends in the area.

While searching for interesting hauntings, several more ghosts were startled from the graves in the Upper Peninsula. The ghost story tour continues to Sault Ste. Marie, Whitefish Point, the Ford River area in Delta County, the historic mining town of Fayette, Ishpeming, Houghton, and Marquette. Many villages and small towns in Michigan have ghosts in the houses, saloons, restaurants, museums, theaters, and hardware stores.


Enjoy these accounts of people and their encounters with the supernatural. Who knows? When you least expect it, you also might come upon a ghost. Many people pass on quietly to eternity, but then there are those who are Startled from their Graves.

Startled From Their Graves
Price: $12.95 + $2.85 shipping and handling


Enjoy these short ghost stories of haunted places, unusual happenings, orbs, sightings specters of the past, spooky houses, and strange auras that Jan has discovered while living in Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

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Haunted Michigan!  Haunted Upper Peninsula!

Janice Langley was born in Harbor Beach, Michigan on the shores of Lake Huron. She grew up with the sound of the Harbor Beach Light’s foghorn in the background. She enjoyed the stories told by her relatives and friends and what could be better than retelling these stories to all interested in a ghostly tale.

Remember, Jan is a story teller, a teller of tales, so enjoy these ghostly tales of Michigan ghosts.

The Seul Choix Pointe Lighthouse near Gulliver, Michigan, known as “the Haunted Lighthouse”, is an exciting place to visit as one never knows what they might see.


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Top photo and book cover: Original oil painting by Sandi Mager.
Startled from their Graves: Book Cover original painting by Dawn Schumacher.
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